What is Instant Book?

Instant book is the fastest way to rent a boat anywhere!  With instant book enabled, renters get instant gratification. Your boat's pin on the map and picture in search gains a lightning bolt, which will help your listing stand out even further.

Because instant book does away with traditional messaging, it is of utmost importance that you keep your calendar up to date!  For a refresher on how to do this, head over to the calendar article.

How to Enable Instant Book

We always want you, the owner, to have control over your listing, so Instant Book is an option owners can enable.  In order to enable Instant Book, your boat must at least have the following:


If your boat meets the above requirements, you can enable Instant Book in your booking settings page.  You get there by going to My Boats > Manage > Instant Book.

You choose whether you want to allow instant book for captained trips, bareboat trips, or both.  You can also require advanced notice.  For example, setting your advanced notice to 1 hour allows for same day bookings, while 3 days would give you that time to prepare your boat.