What can I expect with Geico Marine insurance coverage?

Q: How does this change my current coverage?

A: It doesn't! Each rental is still 100% covered by comprehensive liability and hull protection, now provided by Geico Marine. The new Geico Marine coverage will begin on August 26th, 2015.

Q: Does this change the claim process?

A: Yes. Claims are now fully managed by Geico Marine. Please report any new claim directly to Geico Marine by calling 1-855-408-BOAT. Once you have notified Geico Marine, please email support@boatsetter.co within 24 hours if we need to hold a security deposit or reschedule upcoming rentals.  

Q: How do I find answers to insurance related questions moving forward?

A: One major change to this policy is that Boatsetter is no longer able to discuss policy details, coverages, or handle claims. Since Geico Marine is a US based company, legal implications do not allow non-licensed agents to discuss insurance, handle claims, or make claim payouts.  Boatsetter is not currently considered an "agency", meaning policy questions need to be directed through Geico Marine by calling 1-877-510-BOAT.  

Q: I have a claim in process. Does this change anything?

A: No. If you currently have an open claim/reported issue, the Boatsetter support team will continue to handle it under the original Boatsetter insurance policy.

Q: Do I need to do anything to maintain coverage?

A: Yes! All current boat owners need to update their accounts with a home mailing address as well as their boat's HIN number. This information is required of you in the next 90 days to be covered by Geico Marine insurance coverage. For more information, please visit this article on new requirements. 

Q: Are there any changes to the rental process?

A: Yes! Your boat(s) will no longer have a single COI (certificate of coverage). Instead, you will receive an email from Geico Marine prior to each rental including the coverage details for that specific rental.

Q: Do I still have to fill out a pre/post rental inspection document?

A: Absolutely! We are working on creating the easiest way for both boat owners and renters to complete these forms, but in the meantime, the completed forms are required for any claims reported to Geico Marine and Boatsetter. To print out a pre and post-rental inspection form ahead of time, please see this link.

Q: What is better about this liability coverage?

A: With the new Geico Marine policy,  there is a more extensive liability and hull coverage for each rental, as well as boat trailer coverage, full water sport coverage, and a reduced depreciation schedule for each claim payout.

Q: Are trailers covered?

A: Yes! Boat trailers are now covered.