What safety equipment is recommended?

It is important to note that the following safety equipment is on each vessel:

  • Lifejackets - Please be sure to note the location and quantity of the life jackets (PFD's) on board, ensuring that there are enough for all passengers. Also, make sure that all children under the age of 12 wear a lifejacket at all times.
  • Safety - Highlight the location of all fire extinguishers, flares, anchors, lines and any other important safety equipment.
  • GPS - If there is a GPS unit on board, please be sure to identify the location of the unit and how it operates.
  • VHF Radio - Please learn how to call for help if needed.
  • Through Hulls (aka Thru Hull) - Know where they are and where the plugs are kept.

In case of emergency, always make sure to leave a copy of a written Float Plan describing the safety equipment onboard, where you expect to boat, and when you expect to be in certain locations. Instruct the person holding the float plan to notify the Coast Guard or other appropriate agencies if you do not return within a reasonable time after your scheduled arrival (taking into account weather, etc.). 

Lastly, please remember to print out your Pre & Post Rental Inspection form prior to meeting.