What is my response rate?

A response rate is a percentage that indicates how responsive a boat owner is to inquiries and booking requests. A great way to check how quickly a boat owner responds to inquires is to take a look at their response rate (pictured below).

A higher percentage equals a more responsive boat owner. Conversely, a lower percentage equals a less responsive owner. The response rate is determined by two factors:

  • Inquiry - The initial message from a renter about particular dates; not a booking request.
  • Booking Request - A request to book a boat; the renter has submitted payment details through the Boatsetter payment system.

Responding as quickly and thoroughly to every booking request or inquiry that comes through is essential to the booking process. A key factor in having a high response rate is approving or declining every booking. If the boat is unavailable for whatever reason, be sure to decline the booking or else it will expire. Letting a booking expire will hurt your response rate. 

If a renter has not received a response from a boat owner, we recommend they either message the owner again or cancel the pending booking. This will give the renter an opportunity to contact other boat owners.  

Unsure if a trip is inquiry or booking request?

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