Verification Process - Renter

In order to become verified, Boatsetter utilizes a verification process powered by Cognito.  Every user must input their phone number and basic information before a booking is approved.

If a user is not able to get verified through the Cognito verification process, they will need to supply further documentation. They will need to send their credit card and ID to Boatsetter.  The Boatsetter team only needs to see the names on both items and the last four digits of the credit card, all other numbers can be blocked out. This information can be emailed to

If the renter fails the Cognito process, the booking will sit in the "unverified" state until we are able to obtain the necessary supporting documents to verify the user. Failure to complete these processes successfully will result in a cancellation and/or the inability to rent.

International Users - Make sure to click the link, "International Users - Click Here"